Interested in joining brevityTV?

We’ve begun our sixth season of sketch comedy (with a “Geek Love” theme) and we’re recruiting for a few positions to round out our team.  If you’re interested, read on!

We are a collective of 50+ aspiring and professional writers, directors, producers, actors, editors, and composers, sound folk, camera jockeys, etc. We believe videomaking is collaborative. A central brevityTV philosophy is the idea that together we are greater than the sum of our parts.

on set
Too many artists talk and talk about what they are GOING to do. Thanks to our deadlines, structure, and teamwork, each year we complete several dozen projects.

While it would be nice to make money at this some day,  internet video is a pioneer space without a business model.  Five years into building this project together, none of us has seen a dime.   That said, we nonetheless see immeasurable value in what we do. We build reels. We make connections. We practice our craft.

All opportunities are VOLUNTEER.

While we do have a points system on each production, in case we accidentally make money, our current goals are more about exposure. There are no dues charged as part of brevityTV membership.  All members are expected to attend a mandatory meeting every other month, and usually to attend an optional meeting on the months in between.  You are also expected to participate in social marketing pushes of our collective content.  After these commitments, the additional time you put in depends on the projects you elect to take on.

brevityTV openings

community of videomakers

producers—Our producers meet weekly on Tuesdays at 8 p.m., via skype.  There’s a producer at the heart of every project for us.  The role is something like a 1st AD plus a line producer who probably holds the boom, claps the clapboard, preps the crafty, plunges the toilet and overall solves (or, preferably, anticipates and pre-solves) every obstacle.  Our producers decide what projects get made.  Ability to scare up locations is a biggie.  A lot of the rest is laid out for you by our logistical process.

actorsNot currently seeking.

directorsNot currently seeking.
single-camera shoots
directors of photography– Can you create Citizen Kane imagery with two light bulbs and an extension cord? Come play with us. Our shoots rarely go over a day.  We’re frequently in and out in under six hours.

art directors– Can you turn a living room into a Martian colony? Can you turn a living room into an underwater city? Can you turn a living room into… (Sensing a theme?) What can you do with ten bucks and a tube of super glue?

sound recordists– Can you get clean sound on location? We will totally, totally, totally be your friend.

editorsNot currently seeking.

post-production audio artists—Not currently seeking.

composers—Not currently seeking.

locations manager– Locations are one of the biggest hurdles for micro-budget videomaking. Are you the kind of person who makes friends with the owner at every bar, restaurant, and horse farm you walk into? Or, are you at least someone who can do research and keep a database of possibilities?  If so, come help us find ultra-cheap (free being the ultra-est) places to shoot.

PA/crew– Help with runs, assist producers, help on set. We’ll put together responsibilities such that you’re learning what you want to learn.

behind-the-scenes videographer– We have meetings and shoots going on all the time, and they’re are a blast. Help us capture that.

casting coordinator– Our ensemble auditions for each sketch we shoot. Also, a couple of times a year we hold general auditions. Help us keep up our knowledge of who’s funny.

make-up– We don’t use it for every shoot, but whether you do effects or beauty, we could put your skills to work and help you build a reel. Show us your past work.

animator–The internet loves cartoons.  If you love making them, we can bring you a script and a professionally recorded and acted voice track, then add score and foley when you’re ready.

writers—Our writers meet weekly at 8 p.m. on Mondays in Culver City, usually for about three hours.  Be advised that a seat at our writer’s table is the toughest thing to earn in all of brevity. We’ll ask you to have great samples and then write more for us before we interview you.  Send your single funniest writing sample, along with a paragraph or two about why you think your background/personality/uniqueness makes you a good candidate to join our close-knit writers’ table.

To reach us, send a message to seeking -at- brevitytv. If we like what we see, we’ll contact you with next steps.
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